My Current Projects

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logo_tuerkis.png kindOERgarten

  • OER for kindergarten children and adults
  • duration: 03/2017-ongoing
  • my role: editor, together with Kristin Narr, Tom Narr, Martin Ebner und Martin Sch?n
  • materials: [homepage]

Former Projects

This is not a complete list!

?l3t L3T: Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien

  • textbook about learning and teaching with technologies (in German language)
  • partners: Martin Ebner (TU Graz); Sandra Sch?n? (Salzburg Research), others, about 130 authors, 80 reviewers and others
  • duration 04/2010 – ongoing
  • my role: editor, together with Martin Ebner
  • materials [homepage] and several postings; [project description in English]
DOIT_Logo_RGB_without.png „DOIT – Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world“

  • H2020 project aims to innovate European early entrepreneurship education focusing on 6-16 years olds and social innovation in makerspace settings
  • partners: Salzburg Research and 12 European partners
  • duration 10/2017-09/2020
  • my role: coordinator
  • materials [homepage]

„Gratis Online Lernen“ – offener Kurs bei

  • open online course about costfree learning with the Web
  • partners: BIMS e.V., TU Graz and others
  • the 5th, re-vised course in October 2017
  • my role: organiser, together with Martin Ebner
  • materials [homepage]
  • award: ?sterreichischer Staatspreis für Erwachsenenbildung 2015
logo_150 bildungsforschung

  • scientific Journal with open access at BIMS e.V.
  • duration: 04/2006-ongoing
  • my role: editor, together with Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha (Univ. Tübingen)
  • materials: [homepage]
InnovationLab_Band6_cover_300px „OER in der Schulbuchaktion – eine Machbarkeitsstudie“

  • feasibilty study
  • partners: Salzburg Research, TU Graz, University of Innsbruck
  • duration 12/2016 – 10/2017 (approx.)
  • commissioned by: Austrian Ministry of Education, Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • my role: co-ordinator, key researcher
  • publication: Sandra Sch?n, Katharina Kreissl, Leonhard Dobusch und Martin Ebner (2017): M?gliche Wege zum Schulbuch als Open Educational Resources (OER). Eine Machbarkeitsstudie zu OER-Schulbüchern in ?sterreich. Band 7 der Reihe ?InnovationLab Arbeitsberichte“, herausgegeben vom Forschungsbereich InnovationLab der Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, gleichzeitig erschienen als Band 15 der Reihe ?Beitr?ge zu offenen Bildungsressourcen“ ( Salzburg: Salzburg Research. URL:
logo_makerdays „MAKER DAYS for kids“

  • open maker space (3 to 5 days) for children between 8 and 14
  • partners: BIMS e.V., TU Graz, HappyLab Salzburg, Haus der Jugend and others
  • duration 10/2014 – 06/2015 (approx.)
  • co-funded by: HIT Stiftung Kinder brauchen Zukunft
  • my role: organiser
  • materials [homepage]
  • award: Dieter Baacke Preis 2016
logo_odaal.png ODAAL

  • study on open data in „Ambient and Active Assisted Living“ (AAL)
  • partners: Salzburg Research
  • duration 09/2015-02/2016
  • co-funded by: FFG / BMVIT
  • my role: coordinator
  • materials [homepage]
oerwiki_130px OER Wiki

  • Wiki about open educational resources
  • duration: 06/2013-2016 – now part of Forum Austria
  • my role: initiator, together with Martin Ebner
  • materials: [homepage]
eteacher_neu_300px Studie zur Nutzung des Internets durch bereits aktive Lehrer/innen

  • online questionnaire of more than 400 Austrian teachers (active Internet users)
  • partners: Salzburg Research, TU Graz
  • duration 04/2014 -07/2014
  • my role: project leader
  • funded by PH Burgenland
logo_laecheln_400px L?cheln in der Kurstadt

  • media practice project at BIMS e.V.
  • making people smile
  • duration 10/2013-06/2014
  • my role: project leader
  • materials: homepage
logo_monster_300 Monster in der Kurstadt

  • media practice project at BIMS e.V.
  • making learning videos with kids (as open educational resources)
  • duration 03/2013-10/2013
  • my role: project leader
  • materials: homepage
logo_mit_insiebentagen_300px L3T 2.0: Wir schreiben das Lehrbuch in 7 Tagen neu

  • at the end of summer 2013 we will revise and add chapters to the current issue of L3T in a 7-days booksprint with about 200 collaborators
  • L3T is a textbook about learning and teaching with technologies (in German language)
  • partners: Salzburg Research, TU Graz, BIMS e.V., MMKH,, Uni BW München, TU Dresden, FU Berlin, FH K?ln, and others
  • co-funded by
  • duration 11/2012 -11/2013
  • my role: project leader, together with Martin Ebner
  • materials [homepage]
coer_bild_mitURL COER13 – der offene Online-Kurs zu offenen Bildungsressourcen

  • open course at BIMS e.V.
  • duration 04/2013-07/2013
  • my role: co-organiser
  • materials: homepage
logo_200px Ich zeig es dir – HOCH ZWEI

  • media practice project at BIMS e.V.
  • making learning videos with kids (as open educational resources)
  • duration 09/2012-05/2013
  • my role: project leader
  • materials: homepage
?snml_logo Salzburg NewMediaLab – The next generation

  • Austrian competence center about new media, focus on „Linked Media“ at Salzburg Research
  • partners: Austrian network of leading research institutions and enterprises e.g. RedBull Media House, ORF, mediamid, STI Innsbruck [complete list]
  • duration 07/2010 – 07/2013
  • my role: leader of the work package socia-economic studies (project leader: Georg Güntner)
  • materials [homepage] and several postings;
?ottm_logo_400px OTTM – OpenTravelTimeMap

  • A project developing? a technological and social-economic concept for a platform for open travel time data
  • partner: Salzburg Research, Uni Linz and others
  • duration 03/2011-09/2012
  • my role: wp leader „community and crowd-sourcing“
  • Materials: [project description in German]
  • see also my publication list!
linksup_transp LinksUp

  • an EU-project – full title: „Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Knowledge Society – Understanding the Picture“
  • partners: University of Erlangen (DE), Arcola Research LLP (UK), University of the Hague (NL), Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l’Università di Firenze (IT), European Distance and eLearning Network (UK) and Salzburg Research (AT); co-financed by the EC
  • duration 11/2009-11/2011
  • my role: researcher (project leader at Salzburg Research till 06/2011: Wolf Hilzensauer), and project leader at Salzburg Research (07/2011-11/2011)
  • materials: [website] [mypost]– EU project about inclusion with learning 2.0

  • A study about succesful mobile communities in the fields of gaming, learning and health (in German)
  • partner: evolaris, Salzburg Research
  • duration 04/2010-12/2010
  • my role: project leader
  • Materials: [factsheet], [my post],?[zur Studie]

  • study about successful online communities
  • partner: Salzburg NewMediaLab
  • duration: 10/2008-12/2009
  • my role: project leader
  • materials: [project overview] – see my publication list!
Future Content Study (FCP)

  • Future News Sites
  • partner: Salzburg NewMediaLab (conova communications, Salzburger Nachrichten, Salzburg Research)
  • duration: 10/2006-12/2009
  • my role: study about news sites (project leader: Sebastian Schaffert)
  • materials: [project description] – see my publication list!
olcos_logo Open eLearning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS)

  • about Open Educational Resources
  • co-funded under the European Union’s eLearning Programme
  • partners:? Salzburg Research (AT, coordinator), ecmc European Centre for Media Competence (DE), EDEN (HU), Fernuniversit?t Hagen (DE), Mediamaisteri Group (FI), The Open University of Catalonia (ES); co-financed by the EC
  • duration 1/2006-12/2007
  • my role: researcher and interim project manager (project leader: Veronika Hornung-Pr?hauser)
  • materials: [homepage] – see my publication list!
Mosep_logo MOSEP (More self-esteem with my ePortfolio)

  • about e-portfolio
  • co-funded under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme 2006-2008 (Pilot Projects)
  • partners: Salzburg Research (AT, coordinator), P?dagogische Hochschule Salzburg (AT), P?dagogische Hochschule für Nieder?sterreich (AT), SCAS Student Computer Art Society (BG), Landesakademie für Fortbildung (DE), EIfEL (FR), Pontydysgu (UK), University of Science and Technology (PL), Kaunas University of Technology (LT), Wolsingham School & Community College (UK)
  • duration: 08/2006-08/2008
  • my role: researcher (project management: Wolf Hilzensauer)
  • materials: [homepage]

Additional Contributions …

  • and some more ?

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