In Ballet Drama Navillera Two Characters Should Abandon Remorse To Soar

In Ballet Drama Navillera Two Characters Should Abandon Remorse To Soar

At the table, his granddaughter Eun-ho is informed to work onerous, or she’ll find yourself like his uncle Seong-gwan. And then Lee Chae-rok’s story starts, and his coach Ki Seung-joo is berating him for not being adequate. He wonders why the dancer is hesitating and asks if it’s about his father.

Lee Chae-rok has a fractured past, from childhood to young adulthood, and the k-drama has set the base to flesh this out. ‘Navillera’, Song Kang’s latest drama, premieres worldwide on Netflix today and followers of the actor can not help but gush with pleasure. 2021 is actually turning out to be Song Kang’s yr, with incredible hits with Love Alarm and the lingering success of Sweet Home carrying themselves over to anticipation for Navillera. First and foremost, I liked the part that their first episode showed an interaction of our elderly and a few of their regrets. The dialogue during the wake of one of their associates was catching enough. This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which usually has a relatively smaller viewers in comparison with free-to-air TV/public broadcasters .

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Despite his old age, Deok-Chool promises that he’s stronger than he looks and wants an opportunity. However, his passion does remind Seung-Joo of Chae-Rok from 4 years prior. This is sufficient to spur Seung-Joo on to make a giant choice. He needs Chae-Rok to show Deok-Chool the way to dance. Eventually this leads Deok-Chool back to the dance studio the place he witnesses Chae-Rok dancing majestically. Chae-Rok is heading for the orthopedics the place he’s bandaged up ready for his massive audition.


It’s clear he’s in pain although and with each spin and twist, his leg continues to provide way. To make issues worse, Mr Ki arrives and sees him trying too onerous, commenting how there’s no emotion and it’s all very robotic. In fact, Mr Ki even tells him he doesn’t deserve to dance. That evening, Deok-Chool spies an advertisement on a bus shelter for Swan Lake, and heads there to look at it. With an enormous grin plastered on his face, Deok-Chool claps enthusiastically when the show concludes.

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Lee Chae-rok waits outside the jail facility for him; however, his father doesn’t come. He asks an officer about Lee Mu-yeong; he’s informed he’s already been launched. His father then rings him and explains how he has a job; Lee Chae-rok sobs as his father tells him he’ll be in touch. He tries to ring the payphone back, however there’s no answer. Episode 1 leaves the viewers whether or not Lee Chae-rok will have the ability to cope with reconnecting with his father.

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